Created by Thomas Marcusson

Headlines is an interactive project displaying live newspapers collected from around the world. It allows visitors to quickly browse through an array of front pages arranged after country and the newspaper’s political alignment. The project is created by interactive artist Thomas Marcusson.

The editorial and journalistic process of any newspaper is to various degrees informed by the newspaper's nationality and political views. A succession of quick snapshots of today's headlines visualises the cultural and ideological disparity of news... or perhaps also the lack thereof. As we browse through the events of last night we see patterns of homogenisation as well as divergance emerge. 

The Selection
The frontpages are loaded daily from the biggest newspapers in each country based on readership. They are then sorted according to the political view/ideology stated by each newspaper. The project aims to make the selection of newspapers and countries as varied as possible to represent different cultures around the globe, but is limited to what frontpages are digitally available.

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